Friday, November 16, 2018

First Snow, good-bye David.

It isn't a huge snow, but unusually early.  Here in New England we are getting the flip side of global warming.  I'm not going to talk about that because there's nothing to say.  Like so many other species, we have used up our environment.  Like so many other very successful species, we are doomed to extinction.  Well, that's nature.  I'm glad I got to experience life as a human being.  I'm also glad I have no grandchildren.

David is dead.  It's been a couple of weeks now.  He has been sick for a long time with cancer getting worse and worse.  By the time he died he was not the man I knew when I met him so long ago.  He wasn't the guy who was my best and closest friend for so many years.  I have only to read my old blog entries to remember the huge part he played in my life.  We were inseparable.  I had so many experiences I never would have had, because of him.  My life in Eastport was, for years, my life with him. As so often happens with those kinds of relationships, everything changed when he met Thom.  I expected our friendship to change dramatically, and it did.  Nevertheless, I have still been part of David's life peripherally.  Thom has tried his best to find a place for me in their life with some success.  I admire him for that and am grateful.  I will miss David, but no more than I have missed him for the past many years.

Bye, David.  I loved you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Mural, and Patrick, on my Mind

It seems like this mural is going to take forever, but we are making progress.  My partner has gone to Venice with a friend (who can blame him?) so I am working alone for a couple of weeks.  One of those weeks has already gone by and I have only ventured over to the house once. Patrick has been sick, which has taken up all of my attention.  He is almost recovered now, but he is 16 years old and I can't expect much of him.  I used a lot of my pay for the mural to pay vet bills, but I certainly don't regret it.  I'm happy that I had the money.  It's hard to think about Patrick dying.....he has been my baby since Lytton died.  As his time approaches, I think about getting another dog, which I will surely do.  Why I let myself in for the pain, I will never know, but I will.  I read a story a few years ago in a magazine written by a man whose dog had just died.  He said that getting a puppy is the first step- toward devastation.  How true that is, and yet I know I will do it.  I still haven't been able to bring Lytton's ashes home..even thinking about it still makes me cry.........yet never once have I regretted having him.  The same will be true of Patrick.  I try to prepare myself, but I know I can't.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Mural

We have slowly made progress on the mural.....actually a little more than the picture shows.  The job is getting a little tedious, and I look forward to getting it done.  It is a big, somewhat tedious job and I can only hope that the money we earn will make it worthwhile.  Payment has not been discussed since our patron gave us a down payment before we began.

Jim and I have evolved into a partnership where our individual strengths are maximized.  He does the drawing on the wall in pencil.  I paint the general scene, then he follows with the details.  I sometimes have to reign him in or he would be painting the keyholes on the doors of the buildings.......but he agrees that he needs that reminder.  He keeps me from being too lackadaisical. We were hired to do a rather "whimsical" painting of the town, not a photo-realistic representation.  We are generally having a good time and end each day with a mutual admiration session.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Paint Eastport Day

This is my painting for Paint Eastport Day, which rolls around every year at this time.  Participants sign up in the morning, then take their paints out and do a scene "en plein air." The paintings are auctioned off to the public at a reception at the Arts Center at the end of the day.
My painting was done beside the Todd House, a bed and breakfast down the street.  The owner of the place ended up buying it at the auction.  There were a few other bidders, but my reserve was a hundred dollars......much more than the typical bid.  I had the guts to do it because I knew Ruth was going to by it and how much she was willing to pay.  There is probably a rule against such things, but the money goes to the art center, so I doubt that anyone would mind.  The next week I sold a painting at the "All Nudes Show," also at the Arts was the painting I posted the last time I wrote.  At the same time, a woman bought one out of Jim's gallery.  How this all messes with my head.  I am supposed to be happy and flattered when I sell something, but as I wrote last time, it messes with my head.  In an attempt to counter this recent trend in my work, Elizabeth and I have decided to give ourselves a new project. Also, the season is about over here, so the galleries will close, the tourists will go home, and I can focus on what I love to do.