Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Later the same day.........

Of all the useful things I could have done this afternoon, I chose to do yet another pastel. I have another piece of paper prepared for tomorrow at Sydney's. After that I may begin a big drawing for the show in Machias. Elizabeth suggested that I do one of winter and one of summer that I could include in our joint exhibit about Demeter and Persephone, since Demeter controlled the seasons. This is a pretty loose connection, but if it satisfies her, it satisfies me. It will be fun to try this subject on big paper. All of these are just 11X15.

Alice continues to cancel our appointments because of illness. Painting is the only thing that really keeps me from worrying about her too much. I know that her condition is potentionally very serious (i.e. fatal) and the thought is unacceptable to me. There is no way to even consider such a possibility, so I turn my head away.
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