Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Paintings

These are the three paintings I have been working on since I was free of the Machias exhibit. I wanted to do scenes of Eastport for none other than their commercial value. Still, I found myself enjoying what I was doing. I have another one under way of the street where I live. I'm trying oil paint again, and the top picture is done in that medium. Right now I like the acrylics better, but there is a hint of challenge in trying to master something relatively new. I also want to try pastels again, with this subject. At the moment pastels belong to Epping Road, but I believe that I enjoyed the medium itself outside of the subject matter. It's impossible to say right now. I am still in the throws of Alice's departure and associate that series with her. It remains to be seen what kind of effect that will have on my use of pastels. Will I use them fondly, or will I be overwhelmed by the association of loss? Or will I be able to divorce them entirely from their original use and move on?
I don't know.

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