Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Return of the Chickens (minus 1)

What can I say? They are back where I want them to be. I couldn't rest until I had them back. It was wrong to have given them up. I will just have to make a place for them outside. I can visualize how it will be, but the execution of it baffles me for the moment. I did bring their old house over by way of the dolly, pushing and pulling it along the street from Wilson St. For the time being that is all they have. The weather is mild, though, and I am fast.

I feel so happy to have the chickens again that I wish I could hug them. They wouldn't like it though, and I was satisfied with the thanks they did give me by clucking and chasing me around the yard. They followed me up to the back door and waited while I went in to get their food and water, then hurried along behind me as I took their supper down into the yard. No one can tell me they didn't recognize me, and that they were glad to be home.

If only Hannah could have come, too............................

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from away said...

Yay! I'm glad you have them back.

I'm not crazy about stepping *in* the actual chicken living space, but if you need some help setting up their home or a fenced area, we'll be there in a week. :)

A said...

Very glad to hear you have your chickies back! :)