Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lytton Revised

Lytton and I both had appointments today in Bangor to have a physical. I have been worried about Lytton's recent behavior. I thought he had an ear infection, or something worse, because he has been shaking his head constantly. He's been demanding and whiny, pacing around and seeming very uneasy. I decided to take him to see Dr. Cloutier, who was my veterinarian when I lived in Bangor. We have been in touch off and on over the dogs' problems, and he did Lytton's two surgeries. I trust only him with the life of my boy. We made arrangements for me to leave Lytton at the clinic while I went to have my physical. I wanted Lytton to have a complete examination so that I could stop obsessing over his health.

The day started out tentatively. For the first half hour of the 2 1/2 hour trip I fretted over the weather and considered turning back. It was still spitting snow after a night of heavy winds and several inches of new snow. The predictions had it that all would soon be well, though, so I took the chance. Eventually it cleared up and the sun was out by the time I got to Bangor.

Everything went as planned. I dropped off Lytton and went to my own doctor. Both of us were examined thoroughly. Both of us were pronounced healthy. Lytton's exam was much more rigorous than mine (and more expensive), with x-rays included. I saw his spine (some very small spots of arthritis), his lungs, his kidneys, his bladder, his intestines. All was as it should be. His ears and eyes were fine. Apparently he is just a spoiled brat with all his demands for attention and not in pain as I feared.

The upshot of the whole thing was that I charged $300.00 on my special pet care credit card and left with peace of mind and a short-haired dog who I could hardly believe was Lytton. I had asked them to groom him, but I didn't expect to leave a Llasa Apso and come home with a cocker spaniel. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic that he got a clean bill of health and I didn't care what he looked like. We had a tense ride back because of the early darkness. I hate to drive in the dark and had planned to get back while it was still light. There was a mix-up with my medication, though, and before it was straightened out an extra hour had gone by. The last fifty miles of the trip I was mostly guessing where the road might be. The headlights on my car have the strength of two flashlights, even on high beams. It was nerve-wracking to say the least, but we arrived safe and sound.

I must say that I'll be glad when Lytton's hair grows out. Right now he has a look only a mother could love........
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