Monday, September 08, 2008

September Flowers

Things have been very busy lately withe the kids visiting, gallery events, and company. I've not missed the events taking place in my garden, though. What a wonder. There's a never-ending drama going on. Nothing stays the same as different plants grow, bud, blossom, and retreat back to the soil. These gladiolas (gladiolae?) appeared all of a sudden, just as I thought they weren't going to produce flowers. I am particularly fond of yellow flowers, and although I rarely pick flowers to bring inside, I am going to cut these. They are heavy and leaning over, not showing off.

The sunflower is huge, much taller than I am. It's companion is about to burst out as well. Both are facing the house rather than the street. I would have thought they would look toward the sun, i.e. the sky, but it's nice seeing them from the living room, peering down at the bay window.

There is something sad in watching the progression of the garden, remembering my Spring effort and enthusiasm. It was all potential. Then every new leaf and blossom was a reward and a joy. Now it is winding down. I must say that the end is just as good as the beginning, if not more spectacular.
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