Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Unfortunate End

When I went into the cellar today to check the fuel, I moved a board and was greeted by this startling sight. This poor rat somehow met his maker, probably not too long ago. I hate to see anything dead, and looking at his little ears brought tears to my eyes.

During the summer, there was a dead rat outside the chicken pen, so I knew they were nearby. When I saw holes dug in the foundation by the back door, I figured they were probably going in and out of the cellar regularly. The insulation was gnawed to powder near the cellar ceiling. I tried to cover the holes by various methods, but nothing worked for long. I don't know what they were finding down there that was so appealing, but whatever it was, I hope it was worth it to this guy.

I put him rather unceremoniously in a cardboard box, wrapped in newspapers. His coffin is waiting for trash day.
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Toni Lee said...

You are a kind spirit, for tis rad would not have drawn a tear from me. Rats, spiders and plants, I kill...not always intentionally.