Monday, August 17, 2009

and once again, plus Annie Dillard

I don't know how many of these I will do, especially since I claim to be bored with them. It seemed like a good activity today, though, because it is so hot. I moved my painting stuff into the living and placed myself directly under the ceiling fan. Thus I managed to avoid complaining about the heat and created another pile of razor rocks.

Before that, though, I spent a little time reading "Teaching a Stone to Talk." Annie Dillard is so dense that every sentence has to be savoured. Every idea she writes down spawns fifty in my own head so I didn't get far. I have to ruminate on every one. I've read this book before, so I can open it up at any page and be delighted. Today I fell on "I have a taste for solitude, and silence, what Plotinus called "the fight of the alone to Alone.'" The last line of that particular paragraph is "the lightless edge where the slopes of knowledge dwindle, and love, for its own sake, lacking an object, begins."

This was a day that I got inside of, instead of skimming along the top of it.
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