Friday, August 06, 2010

Dinner Party

Champagne cocktails and crown roast of pork were on the menu for a little dinner party at Thom and David's. I was a guest, of sorts, but Meg was the guest of honor. She is a mutual friend I met years ago at book group at the library. She had read that we were discussing "The Summer House," which had been my selection. She came to the group to find out who had chosen it, because she had actually lived with the author in England for awhile. Alice Thomas Ellis is one of my favorite writers and I was thrilled to meet someone who had actually known her. From there we developed a casual, but affectionate, relationship. Somehow Thom and David came to know her, as happens in Eastport when people are as sociable as the three of them are. They appear at concerts, plays, movies, art openings, parties, etc. and become acquainted with each other. I circle the outside of this group, joining in now and then.

Thom had prepared an elegant and delicious meal. After a beautiful cocktail made by adding a cherry and a sugar cube to a glass of champagne, we adjourned to the dining room. There were flowers on the table, and a bottle of wine waiting to be opened. I am so enamoured of the corkscrew that Thom and David have that I have become the official opener of the wine bottle at every meal we have together. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the food companionably and engaged in pleasant chatter throughout. All of us are of one mind on most topics, which makes for comfortable conversation no matter what the subject. It was one of those wonderful occasions that re-enforces our love of the life here.
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Bits Of Me said...

How lovely, Cheri. Thank you. We do have some nice simple times. don't we?