Wednesday, February 02, 2011

More Snow

The top picture shows what greeted me as I opened the back door this morning. The bottom one is a closer look at the drift that goes down the middle of the dog yard. It's amazing what the wind does with snow, especially in tight spaces. I have to say this is the best one I've seen.

In the background you can see the snow pile behind my car........worse than the last one. The whole country is having record snowfall. Most places are paralyzed because they don't have the experience or equipment to handle this kind of weather. The paper is full of articles showing pictures of stranded vehicles, impassable roads, downed electrical poles, people in shelters, businesses closed. Here in Maine, as one writer put it, we call it "winter."
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Rabea said...

Hi Cheri,

How are you doing with this terrible weather? I want to say I am sorry about your chicken. It is heart breaking! I had chicken growing up and they have such a short life expectancy!! I also did a painting of one of your snow photos. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go out much lately to take pictures, or paint as much as I would like to. But your photos are inspiring. I remember when I used to drive in the middle of snow storms in Down East Maine. I do have some nostalgia for that part of the world, but living in Portland will be better for my children on the long run. Take care and keep posting.

Shea said...

that's a lot of snow