Friday, January 20, 2012


I can't say too much about Dandy yet. He arrived last night.........the antithesis of all the dogs I've had, particularly Lytton. I wanted no chance for comparison. I want him to be himself, and only himself. He's a Jack Russell Terrier, smaller than the other dogs, but certainly a ball of energy. In the bottom picture he has a bone left over from Toni's dogs, but toys are hard to find in this house. I trashed every one I had so as not to think of Lytton. Dandy will have his own.

So far Patrick and Benny are totally miffed at the new development. They are barely civil, but trying to be polite to the unwelcome guest who showed up unexpectedly.
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lindy by the sea said...

Oh, Cheri! Congrats! I was so sorry to hear about Lytton, especially as we were just talking about his so recently. I know how much you adored him. It looks like Dandy will make himself right at home!

karenwihbey said...

Cheri, He's adorable and I'm sure he already loves his mama! Maybe a little dalmation in him? Enjoy!

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