Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dogs and Section 8

Well, this blog is called DOGS, Chickens and me.  I can't resist taking their picture.  This time I got Benny, too, even if he is a bit dishevelled in his old age.

I have been busy preparing for the re-inspection of the dump (according to section 8) I live in.  The housing assistance program has become a state rather than a county program.  The Feds are much fussier and my house failed to pass their criteria for government assistance.  I hate to sound unappreciative, but the more rigorous the standards, the fewer places will be subsidized.  I can't imagine that this is not the goal of our new Governor.   His indifference to poor and elderly people is legendary.  Cutting their funds off will save money.

I didn't realize I live in a slum until it was pointed out to me.  There are nail holes in the walls, a window without a screen, paint peeling off the window sill in one room, and several other offensive details.  The salary of the inspector who noted all of these on his clipboard is  much more than the $200. per month the program gives me, not to mention his expense account. I can understand mandating rules that make sure taxpayer money is not supporting substandard housing, but my house is safe, comfortable, and attractive.

In any case, I have fixed the offensive problem areas and await my fate.
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