Sunday, March 09, 2014

More tulips

I can't resist another picture of my tulips  Every day they get more beautiful,  Daylight savings time began today, too, giving us an hour more of light.  It's a sure sign that winter is coming to an end, though it will certainly not die completely for another  two months.  That seems seems like the first snow was just the other day.  It's just amazing how fast the time passes.  Every season since I became an adult goes by more quickly.  Our sense of time is so different when we are children.  Every day is long, every week, every season.  School gets out in the spring and we know it will be forever before we have to go back.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the longest month of the year.

Speaking of childhood, my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Thurlow, visited me in a dream last night.  She recognized me immediately, and I, her.  It was as if no time had passed since we saw one another and we visited in a comfortable, familiar way.  It was nice to see her.

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