Friday, July 10, 2015

How my days are spent

As so often happens, I have devoted my time lately to my new toy.  The addition of a smaller tip for my pyrography pen has allowed me to create more detailed images.  I may have said this before, but I read that pyrography could be done on paper. The first one and the last two are done on watercolor paper.  The other two are on wood. I guess I prefer the wood, partly because it is a new experience.  Using paper also gives me a lot more freedom to do different sizes, but somehow it seems like cheating... or inauthentic.

Whatever, I took a couple of these downtown to the Breakwater gallery and asked Cynthia if she would take them to sell.  She said she would, so I have been working away at images I think will appeal to tourists.........hence the pictures of Eastport and Schoodic point.  Selling these pieces would be no trauma for me.  I have nothing invested in them but time. They are fun and interesting to do.  I like using my drawing skills.  Emotionally, though, I may as well be knitting mittens for a church sale.

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