Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Low Tide

The pictures aren't as impressive as the real thing, but I was shocked to see this view as I walked the dogs down the hill this morning.In all the time I've been here, I don't remember ever seeing the water so low.  As a point of reference, the little island in the middle of the picture is normally completely underwater at high tide, the beach is almost non-existent,  The pilings on the left are exposed only at the very top.  The islands in the distance look huge compared with the way they usually look.  The tides are always impressive here, which is why Eastport is a major shipping port for cargo from Europe and Asia.  Still, this morning they seemed unusually low.  Most likely this is due to my normally non-existent powers of casual observation, but today I was so impressed that I made a special trip with my camera just to photograph the scene.

Speaking of photographs, I am finally back in business in terms of computer functions.  Yesterday I received the new monitor I ordered after the other one died, and today I got the camera cable I needed to download pictures (the old one ceased to function for some reason).  Now all I need is the ink for my printer.  I have ordered the cable and the ink twice already and got the wrong thing, but I think this time all will be well.

We finally are having what is typical summer weather for Eastport.  It is absolutely beautiful.... sunny with temperatures in the 70's with a slight breeze off the ocean.  My thoughts of living in Bangor now seem absurd.  Though the summer is short, or perhaps because it is short, it is worth the wait.  The winter seems like a vague memory, or a dream, or perhaps a nightmare that no longer has relevance in real life.

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