Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Birds at the Breakfast Table

This is the company I keep while having my breakfast coffee.  The bird on the left is a Christmas present.  If you wind it up it chirps and flaps its wings.  I am quite enamored of the thing and set it in motion with its little key quite often.  The chicken basket I bought years ago and it holds things I might want while sitting at the table....pens, eye drops, nail clippers, glue, etc.

I am contemplating getting some real birds, but so far have done little to make that a reality.  I feel the need to care for more animals, but don't want any creatures who will have any affection for me.  I love the idea of providing the comforts of life to those who are basically unaware of my role.  It gives me such pleasure to know that those in my care take it completely for granted, that the concept of need or want does not exist for them.  Acknowledgment or even awareness of my role in their lives implies dependence and gratitude, which in turn makes my contribution selfishly prideful.  I want them to expect and receive whatever they need without having to be grateful.

That idea doesn't apply to dogs.   The responsibility of being loved is almost too much to bear.


Lindy Weston said...

Hi Cheri,

You mentioned birds..I have two very pretty parakeets that I would be very happy to rehome with you. Think it over. You can call me anytime just to mull over the possibility. My number is under Heron's name.


P. J. Grath said...

How about a turtle, Cherie? You wouldn't to clean its "cage" as often, and it would certainly take your care for granted!