Thursday, February 25, 2016


I realized that  I hadn't posted the results of my efforts to master pop-ups.  Although I can't say that I mastered them, I did get the idea and made a few.  The top two are my own design.  The bottom is the first successful one I did following the directions in the book.  My interest waned pretty fast, but these three sit on the back of the piano as testament to my effort.  I may at some point do more work with this since I am so enamored of paper projects, but for now I abandoned my efforts in favor of going back to pastels.  My new Sennelier pastels were calling, as well as the rough paper.  I've also been crocheting a lampshade, which I finished yesterday.  I won't live long enough to do everything I want to do.

2 comments: said...

To my mind, you did master pop-ups. Nice!

Mic Nosco said...

Love these... The bird is spectacular and of course. Love ❤. The horses. I'll have to search for the piano keyboard I made years ago for my aunt Andree who was a fine pianist. She sent it back to me as she hadn't a clue what to do with it! Lol.The beauty may have been lost on her but I continued the keys of a paper piano keyboard with strips of paper that had been airbrushed (you could smear pastels to get the same effect) cyan to a rainbow as the strips began to entwine and whirl around each other with black music notes coming out the other end. Well, let your imagination go wild I thought it was pretty!... 😃