Monday, April 17, 2006


Thom sent this bouquet of flowers for Easter and they arrived through a cooperative effort of several nice people in Eastport who hated to see them spend the holiday in a restaurant cooler. I wasn't home when the florist tried to deliver them. When David and I came in from shopping for Easter dinner, two different messages on the machine lamented the fact that the flowers remained unclaimed. The shop was going to be closed for the rest of the day, and I would have to pick them up Monday. They were to be left in the cooler of the restaurant next door. David knew that Thom had sent them, and we were very disappointed that we wouldn't have them for Easter.

The next morning I got a call from John Pike Grady, who was at the resstaurant cleaning up. He noticed the flowers and called me up. He said he would wait for me to come get them if I wanted to, so I got in the car and went after them. On the phone he had told me it was a "very handsome bouquet" and he was right. I took this picture before I took it over to David's where we used it as the centerpiece for our dinner.

David has been here since last Thursday. I was very happy to see him and made quiche from Demeter and Hannah's eggs for his welcome dinner. Yesterday we had a traditional Easter meal of baked ham with pineapple,sweet potatoes, asparagus, and hot cross buns. For desert, strawberries with cream and sherbet. Both of us are trying to keep the calories down, so we opted out of a more elaborate and fattening feast, though the one we had was far from one of deprivation. Everything was delicious as usual. The silver candlesticks and linen tablecloth were resurrected, the seagulls wandered around the back yard, the lights twinkled on across the water on Campobello. Spring has come to Eastport. Posted by Picasa

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