Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today we go to the lighthouse, which used to be Wednesday, and shows me that things have changed. Otherwise I would think that I had been here only last year.....but that is not really true. Though the place has remained the same and the context remains the same, the same people are different. They have become the old ones who now are no longer there, and there are new young ones. They walk behind us, helping with easels, taking elbows over rough ground, offering erasers. We stay on high ground, near our cars, under umbrellas, choosing places to paint based on proximity to shade and comfort. They go where the view is best. The new young people are more health conscious, though, I notice, using sunscreen to protect themselves from burning. They worry more about their health.

Anyway, we are having a wonderful time and have grown accustomed to the area enough so that most of the time we don't get lost. We can find the market and get home to Lorraine's making all the right turns. Lisa drives like a native now, bursting onto the rotaries with an agression not necessary in Maine, and other drivers make room for us, also unecessary in Maine. Here you are yelled at for waiting. In Maine you are yelled at for NOT waiting. It takes a few days to adjust. Betty Lou still comes across with her inspiring demonstrations and critques, making us glad and proud to be artists. Both of us are pretty much favored with praise, keeping our spirits high and our entusiasm at fever pitch.


Isabella-Maria said...

Just finished reading all your wonderful "Rockport Blogs". Just your descriptions fill me with enthusiasm. Looking forward to seeing you both

Anonymous said...

Emma, where are you? It's been too long since your last entry! Hope everything is going well.