Monday, September 18, 2006

Epping Road 14

I thought I was coming to the end of the usable photos I had of Epping Road, but yeasterday I went through them all and put the ones I hadn't painted into a seperate folder. Of those, I found fifteen more that I thought would make good paintings. So on I go. This one posed difficulties that the others have not because of the smoothness of the paper I used. I realized how much the paper texture was contributing to the look of the images when I had none. I had to make every mark with my own hand, which is certainly not too much to ask, but the result looks different and the process is much less direct. To achieve the same degree of complexity and interest in my strokes, I had to paint the picture to death. I will certainly not use that paper again.

Otherwise, time marches on. Today I went to Toni's and installed a dog run in her yard. A few weeks ago she and I went to an animal shelter in Cherryfield and she adopted a dog. We will be picking up the dog this Friday, since we had to wait for him to be neutered. I was central to this event, doing all the preliminary contacts, setting up the appointment, and transporting Toni to the shelter. The story of her life while we were estranged is rather bizarre, though no more than most ordinary lives are, but she is in even worse psychological shape than usual and needs a lot of coddling and forgiving. This is not easy for me, but I stepped into the situation unknowingly when I called to renew our friendship and now I am in for the duration. Her gratitude is some consolation and I only hope that what she feels is going to be her salvation (getting a dog) will really benefit her and the dog, too. If she is unable to care for the dog, I must say that my loyalties will lie with him and I will get him out of the situation no matter what it costs me where Toni is concerned. Posted by Picasa

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