Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sick Dog

Poor Lytton, poor me. For the past five days Lytton has had diarrhea (if you'll pardon my directness) and it has not been pleasant for either of us. I called the vet yesterday and the technician gave me the advice I expected; to feed him rice and boiled meat or chicken. I had already been doing that to no avail. However, today he is finally better. I woke up this morning without any foul smell assaulting my nostrils, even though he had jumped down off the bed several times during the night--a very bad sign. I sat up and looked around with trepidation, squinting without benefit of contacts, but saw no telltale dark spots. I forsaw a morning free of paper towels, soap, disinfectant, and queasiness. So far that has been the case. Life is good.

Today I am faced with a day without appointments. I have been longing for such a day for weeks, but I find myself now wondering what to do with it. I feel fidgity, my mind flitting from one possible activity to the next. It is raining slightly, creating a somber atmosphere conducive to cooking something that smells wonderful, like turkey or bread or soup. My house is in great need of cleaning, but that seems too mundane for such a special day. I need to get going on my chicken house remodling poject, but that, too, will happen wether I have a day off or not. I need to think of something that I otherwise would not have time to do. There are two portraits to start, as well as the blueberry field series to work on. I want to do a linocut. I need to practice the recorder, and I want to get going on learning the alto, try the violin again. On the lazier side, I could finish my excellent book and go to the library, or watch my movie on the Emperor Penquins. I could get out my DVD and immerse myself in "Northern Exposure." I could change my bed and do a few loads of laundry. I could take a long, hot bath and moisterize myself afterwards---maybe even shave my legs! The world is open to me and I am stymied. Posted by Picasa

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