Thursday, April 05, 2007

The best I can do........

This is the best I can do getting a picture of the whole horse painting. I took pictures if two sections at a time, then spliced them together. I photographed the resulting image and put it on the computer. Some of the pictures reflected light, others did not. The color is terrible. The actual painting is very bright red and yellow, which comes across better in the previous pictures I took. Nevertheless, this gives a reasonable representation of the whole thing, eight feet long and three feet high. I still have to paint the sides of some of the canvases--a tedious job if ever there was one. It's necessary, though, to keep the seams from showing white.

I think I am pleased with this work, but I really feel nothing about it right now. Everything I'm doing for the show has ceased to be fun because I HAVE to do it. I rush toward a goal now. It's a product oriented task without the luxury of enjoying the process. It's no longer the by-product of my enjoyment, but what I squeeze out of myself with great effort.
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Rabea said...

I know what you mean..It's not fun to paint for comissions..