Friday, April 20, 2007

Hi-Ho Silver

This is Poseidon as a stallion. I decided to paint it in order to give meaning to the herd of mares. It will be hung to the left of the long painting. I had some good news today about the show. Marlys was at the gallery when I went there today to check up on the progress of the cleaning. She has had a show in Machias, so I was able to ask about things I have been worrying about. It turns out that the University does the invitations, gives the reception, and hangs all the work. Apparently all we artists have to do is present our work and sit back. I have been thinking about all those details and feeling very pressured. Now I am relaxed to think that all I have to do is finish my painting and all will be done.

I have failed to write about Alice for awhile, mostly because I was trying not to think about her. I have been in touch, though, and she is recovering from surgery she had over a week ago. All seems to be going as anticipated and it is expected she will be back at work in a few weeks. I am suspending as much emotion and anticipation as I can, busying myself with anything I can think of, looking in other corners of my life for places my mind can roam. It has taken me to unexpected places, which I do not trust. When one runs away in panic, one doesn't stop to look where one is going.
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