Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lobster Dinner

David and Thom have arrived and settled in somewhat. They asked me over to have lobster and of course I hastened to accept. It's a bizzarre thing......eating a lobster. It's about as primitive as a human being can get in the quest for food, submerging a live animal in boiling water until it dies, tearing it apart with your hands, ripping it's flesh out of its shell, and stuffing the meat into your mouth. It takes us to our roots.....that's for sure. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I like the experience and the taste once in awhile, but only if I do not witness the kill. I believe David did the honors while Thom and I ignored what was happening, focusing on our martinis.

I am becoming less and less fond of meat, though I have not given it up completely. I understand and accept the idea of the food chain. Our whole ecosystem is based on it. Philosophically there's no way to condemn it. Since I've had the chickens, though, the idea of eating other animals is less appealing to me. When I look at a package of meat or poultry in the store I feel slightly repulsed. If it is fairly well disguised from it's former incarnation, I am more comfortable with it. Hot dogs, for example, especially if they are dyed that bright red that is reminiscent of no known animal...........I'm not happy if it's too easy to envision the piece of meat living and breathing.

Anyway, it is fun to have David and Thom here. I think whatever change comes to my life because of their permanent residence here will be positive.
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