Saturday, September 29, 2007

Street Scene

I'm using up all the extra square canvases I have from the Machias Show painting street scenes. This is the third one after Adams Street and Wilson Street. I don't know the name of this street. It's one of those that escaped the 911 mandate a few years ago. When I first moved here there were almost no street signs, but when we got 911 emergency service, the town had to identify all locations. I took my camera with me last week to photograph this place after I discovered it on a dog walk. It's not even five minutes from my house, yet I had never ventured up that hill. It gave me a view I had never seen before. The sun was getting low in the sky, as it does now at about four-thirty, casting the long shadows I love so much. The tree in the background is beginning to turn color. Fall is here.

Another sign of Fall is the harvest of all those backyard vegetable gardens that appear every Spring. My new neighbors presented me with a bag full of new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and the giant zuccini so prevalent in September. It was a very nice gesture and I must remember to reciprocate with eggs, once the chickens have produced enough. They don't lay as many this time of year as they do earlier.

Two nights ago we had a huge rain storm, as did many areas along the coast, and I woke up feeling wet sheets on my feet. There was a leak in the ceiling and big drips were still falling. I imagine the place on the roof where the shingles blew off last year is the problem. I called Will, glad that it wasn't my responsibility. There's a lot to be said for not owning a house.
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