Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back Door View

I started this painting at David's over a week ago. I didn't get very far with it, but felt that it had potential. On Wednesday I took it to Art Day and changed it a little. Looking at the actual view several evenings, I realized that the real subject was the light of the sun getting ready to set so early in the day. I could see the warmth coming through the trees against the coldness of the foreground snow.

It's interesting how sometimes it takes a lot of observation to extract the specialness from a view that you see every day. This is what I see every time I let the dogs out through the shed door. The side of my house is on the right. The steps to the left lead to a second floor apartment of the house next door. They are actually not quite so close, but I wanted the interest there. I liked the painting in the end.
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