Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

This is how the shortest day of the year looked from my house at about 4:30pm. The whole sky was pink, even facing north and east. Campobello, our constant horizon, appeared cold and deserted. The Eastport streets are very icy, and I fell down today as I walked the dogs, despite the grippers on my boots. In fact, just before I slipped, I was thinking how secure I felt. I bounced back up again before the dogs even noticed I was flat on the ground, unhurt and embarrassed.

Christmas looms, speeding toward us with unprecidented speed. It's a different Christmas coming, with David somewhat out of commission and Thom here handling most of the preparations. Thom's relatives loom in the background, people I have never met who are suddenly part of the scene. Thom has not been so much incorporated into our Christmas as we have been incorporated into his. It's different, but not unpleasant, and we are still going to the Lessons and the Carols on Sunday as David and I always have.

Change is inevitable, and I stand on the sidelines watching the world shift, watchful and curious.
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Rabee said...

Hi, this looks really good. Can I paint it?

Emma said...

Sure you can paint it..........