Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pastel Fruit

I've been working on a pastel painting of the same subject I did in oil several months ago. This is two day's work. I keep trying to decide if I like one medium more than another, but I can't come to any conclusion. I guess I like the variety. I guess it's the painting version of what I was saying in my other post today about writing. It's not what you say that counts, it how you say it.

That reminds me of an episode of the TV series "Northern Exposure." The character who is an artist spends the whole time trying to find the right cow for his piece of performance art. He intends to catapult the cow through the air. None of the cows he finds seems right, and in the end he uses a grand piano instead. The piece is a huge success. His insightful conclusion was, "It's not what's flung that's important, it's the flinging."
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gracie said...

I am inspired by your gift and the inspiration of your art.