Thursday, February 28, 2008


It occurred to me to get out my own watercolors to look at, along with the books I am perusing. I still have some good ones, though the law office took most of them in payment for their service during my unfortunate litigation years ago. As I examined them, I saw that the most impressive thing about them is the enthusiasm they show. I did these with Betty Lou, and each one puts me right back at the scene. I remember the day, the others in the workshop, the demonstration, as if it were just yesterday. I used to be so excited that I wandered around in a frenzy for about a half hour before I could settle down to paint. My brushwork is very spontaneous and expressive.

This makes me think that I ought to go outside with big paper, the way I did then. It's difficult to get very excited about a photograph and a 9x12 piece of paper. I think watercolor demands more emotion than other mediums to keep it from being stiff and contrived. It can't be too deliberate unless the painter is one of those very controlled individuals who builds up washes for a specific result. Those paintings can be beautiful and they make an intellectual statement. Mine were always very full of the situation I was in, the place, the people....

Several of the paintings have other artists in them, standing at their easels, working. When I see them, I remember how lovingly I watched my fellow students and Betty Lou. Even at the time, I relaized I was trying to perserve that moment for the future. Thanks to my flamboyant brushwork, I did.
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