Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon

When I saw the moon while walking the dogs, I had to take a picture of it. I am standing beside my house and the building on the right is the shed that makes one side of the chicken yard. The house beyond that is owned by people from Virginia who spend summers here. I am surrounded by empty houses owned by the faint of heart who go south for the winter. They are called "snowbirds" by the year-round population, and the term is slightly derogatory. They are a step above the people "from away," who move here from other states. These are seen by most of the locals as interlopers who want to take over the town and ruin it. It is my opinion that they are right for the most part, yet my own status as an outsider lumps me in with the rest. Almost all of my friends and acquaintances came here from somewhere else. The natives treat me well and seem to like me for the most part. They are polite and interested in me, in my artwork. They are the perfect hosts, welcoming and solicitous. But we will always be the company that won't go home.
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Lady_Hawk said...

We had a bad snow storm today. Reportedly the worst since '81, and that was a doozy. I was telling the people
I work with about your post on 12/22/08, where you had to take out your window to shovel a path to get out your door, and we were all in awe. PA gets some snow, but I have never had to open a window to shovel out my door.
All I can say is keep warm and I'm thinking of you, here with my 8 to 12 inches of snow.

k said...

On Friday afternoon, the moon here was huge! This picture is gorgeous and I trust you'll be painting it!

old duffy said...

Please keep posting the great photos.