Monday, April 20, 2009


This rug has been rolled up and stashed beside the house since a few months after I moved in here. I kept planning to put it out for the trash men, but never got around to it. As it emerged from the melting snow, frozen to the ground, I resolved again to throw it out. Then, after painting the floor upstairs, I asked my landlady if I could paint other floors in the house. She refused me, nicely, and I began thinking about painting floor cloths to brighten the place up.

Walking past the filthy rug day after day on my way to the chicken house, an idea started to form. Recently I bought a spray on line that is guaranteed to remove pet odors from any surface. I was amazed to find that it is true. I had thrown the rug out because the dogs had peed on it so many times, but with the miracle spray, it dawned on me that I could revive the rug.

The upshot was, I bought rug cleaner and a heavy brush, unrolled the rug on the ground, and scrubbed it. After a night in the fresh air, I brought it in and scrubbed it again. And that is how I got my oriental carpet.
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Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

that is amazing. What is the product?

Emma said...

It's called Zero Odor. Great stuff.