Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Life and Taxes

I copied this still life from a photo Betty Lou took. She set it up using things that Thelma had made for the class to paint. I will paint it again, because I don't like the looks of my watercolor technique. My colors aren't all that great either. Besides, I messed up the composition when I put on my drawing and didn't bother to fix it. I can do better.

I realized today that I forgot to do my state income tax form. I tried to do it on line, but too many people are in the same boat and I couldn't get onto the site. I will try again, but I don't have much faith that I will be successful. So now I am going to be a delinquent citizen. This crime will be added to my already distressing record with the IRS. I still owe taxes from 1995, and every year I get a notice about it. What began as a $150.00 tax has swelled with late fees and penalties to almost $500.00.........with no end in sight. It's a good thing there is no such thing as debtor's prison anymore.
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rainey55 said...

Emma, I'm a painter too and I can hear myself in the critical eye you use to critique your work. I know things don't always come out the way we want, but I like this piece. What colors did you use in the soft folds in the cloth? They sing!

Emma said...

to rainey55,

I always use the same six colors, no matter what medium.......a warm and a cool of each primary. It keeps everything harmonious, and with primaries you can mix every color known to the human eye.

rainey55 said...

Beautiful. Thanks - I'm going to try it today. Also, love the gate you made in your latest post.