Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Day

Please excuse Emma's recent prolonged absence. She is feeling better now and will hopefully resume the chronicling of her sometimes tumultuous life. She is sometimes a bit intense and prone to overly zealous support of unpopular principles. Stepping back, or out, is sometimes the only solution.
It was such a pleasure after having said good-bye to Duncan with David and Thom so recently to be able to help celebrate the news that a new puppy is on the way to join them and our extended family. There is no greater tribute to a beloved dog than to get another one after he's gone. The gift to the dog's memory is to want to continue the experience, somewhat altered, that he once provided. Duncan would certainly want another dog to come along to comfort his two daddies..............and I'm sure he would be even more pleased to know that it is a Dalmation. He is coming from a rescue facility in Pennsylvania, where he's being fostered until plane tickets can be hastily bought and rental cars arranged. David and Thom will chauffeur him to his new home, where he will be happily received by a town full of anxiously waiting friends. He has already been named Dylan, and his picture sat on the dining table as we happily toasted his forthcoming arrival.

Rest in peace, Duncan. You gave Dylan a wonderful gift.
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Anonymous said...

I hope Emma feels better, I miss her writings. Also hope the chickens are okay.