Thursday, June 25, 2009

Painting of Women

I began this painting before I knew I was going to leave the gallery. It was to be my entry in the "Feminist Mystique" theme show. Well, maybe I will show it some other time.......or maybe I will paint over it as I do most of my paintings. In any case, I am happy with it no matter what its life span may be. The experience of doing it was exciting, because it flew out of my fingers the same way many of the paintings I used to do at school did. The format is similar, with the division of the canvas substituted for the multiple canvases I used to use.

I had a small hope that perhaps I would continue where I left off now that I am free of thoughts about selling, but it doesn't seem to have happened. At art day yesterday I was unable to think of anything to do. I ended up doing a quick and disposable painting from a photograph I took of Toni last week. It was fun, but my interest waned after about a half hour and disappeared not long after.
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