Thursday, July 02, 2009

Paint Job

On a whim I decided to paint my dining room. It has seemed drab to me since I visited the apartments Sydney is decorating for rentals. She has done a beautiful job and used a lot of wonderful colors. Coming home was like going into a beige cocoon by comparison. I bought some paint Tuesday and began painting yesterday. The color was much more yellow than I thought by the color card, but I like it anyway.

The job was at times like a comedy of errors, as are too many of my projects. My method was to move everything away from one wall at a time, paint it, and move everything back before going on to the next wall. Therefore, the room was full of clutter all the times and I was constantly tripping over things, banging into furniture, and stepping into the paint. The dogs also found it necessary to walk on the paint spills and track all over the house. The ladder I have is one discarded by the gallery because it was too rickety. It is serviceable, but an adventure in maintaining balance. It's not a painting ladder, either, so it has no shelf to hold a can of paint. I was up and down hundreds of times, dripping paint all the way.

When I had finished, I had to clean paint from the clock, the printer, the computer, the desk, the table, and all the chairs.......not to mention the floor. Nevertheless, I am happy with the results and glad I did it. The kitchen is next.
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Fearless Nester said...

Oh it's lovely! So fresh looking and it goes so well with the white woodwork too...and at least you have a sunny color inside in spite of all the fog and mist going on outside these days!