Friday, September 25, 2009

One More Ride

I thought I would never ride a horse again. It made me feel old and sad that something that was once so important to me was gone forever. Today, though, I got another chance. It was as if I had been granted the one wish that I thought was going to elude me. I've been lucky in that almost everything I ever wanted has come to pass, but I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never ride by the ocean.

Well, I rode Touchy by the ocean, and like most of my dreams, it was as wonderful as I had always imagined it. It was a cool but sunny day, with the trees just beginning to turn color. The water was sparkling blue, as it was meant to be. I felt free and unafraid, as I always knew I would. Ann's horse is kind and obedient, but energetic and responsive. She appeared to be enjoying herself, too. We didn't know each other, so experienced the event in our own separate but companionable way. She had no idea what an important part she was playing in my life, and was therefore unencumbered by any responsibility for my pleasure. This freed me as well to immerse myself in my own experience. It was just perfect.
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