Thursday, September 10, 2009


I can't say what I've been doing, though I must have been busy doing something since I haven't written. My farm on Farmville goes unattended, my virtual pet, Rabitha, has been neglected, my facebook games of lexulous sit stagnant.

When Carrie and Gabe were here visiting we had a wonderful time. They were able to stay a little longer than usual so it didn't seem so rushed. Gabe helped me with some jobs I have been wanting to get done for a long time, but am too short to accomplish alone. The light that was hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the dining room has finally taken its rightful place over the table. The hall light works again after Gabe removed the neck of the old bulb that had broken off. Carrie jogged in the mornings, and we went to see Mike's place. We shopped, and we cooked and ate (always a a favorite activity). I always feel so grateful and happy that my kids have grown up to be such nice people.

I did get the energy to paint this small still life from a photo that Thom took. I was interested in the lighting, of course, and the roundness of the fruit. There's nothing prettier than nicely lit fruit.

That's all I have to say.........
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