Monday, December 14, 2009


When the dogs and I headed down Clark St this morning I saw a crow sitting in the small tree at the edge of the cliff. He was making a lot of noise, though I never did see what he was talking about. As I got closer, I saw there were more crows nearby, and eventually it seemed like the sky was full of them. What a sight it was. The opportunity to see flight at such close range is rare, and I stood watching them for quite awhile. It looked absolutely effortless, yet their movements were so fluid and choreographed it looked as if they had been long practicing a particular ballet in order to perfect it.

When I went back after getting the camera, the sight was not nearly as spectacular. Most of the birds were gone, replaced by as many seagulls on and around their customary spot on Clark's Ledge. They are beautiful and serene as they bob in the waves around the small piece of rock that is still protruding from the water at high tide. The sentinel crow was still there, though, so I snapped his picture. He flew off as I inched closer and closer to get a better shot.

I can't imagine how wild birds survive the cold......I wonder if they live in any kind of comfort, or if suffering is simply the fate they accept as "life." Finding shelter and food and safety is all that their lives are about. They can't even appreciate how neautiful they are in the eyes of us humans. What do they care? They are busy staying alive, not even able to wonder why.
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