Saturday, December 05, 2009

First Snow Plus Woodcuts

The first snow isn't much at this point, though the weather reporters are all excited and predicting as much as seven inches. The picture shows the house on the corner opposite me with the fine flakes coming down (thank goodness I learned how to get pictures of falling snow). The dogs weren't happy to go out in it, but it seemed like an expected friend tentatively knocking on the door.

The rest are of my recent woodcut endeavors. I haven't tired of them yet. I took a picture of the block itself this time because they are always at their best before actually being put on paper. The other one is the printed image using chine colle to represent the "headache" in this re-vamping of an old painting called "Self-Portrait with Bell Curve and Headache." I brought it up to date with a revised image of myself and a new headache representation. I won't bother to explain it, but it does have a meaning to me that was more appropriate then than now.

So what? I am more boring now and not as inspiring to myself as subject matter as I once was.
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