Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feet and Yellow Hats

Yesterday I started cutting this block of telephone workers at Sydney's. I cut the image out of the paper when I saw all those wires. It's a reduction print, but with only two colors. I painted the paper first for the gray sky. Then I did the light gray, then the dark. On the last printing I cut out little pieces of yellow for the hats, hoping to make some sense out of the image. I don't know if I did or not, since I know what it is anyway. I like the print nevertheless.

Then I did a mixed media piece for the show with Thom. He took pictures in Hawaii of the hula, including this one of a girl's feet. I loved it immediately and tried to paint it in oil several weeks ago. I didn't like it, so tried watercolor. The paper I used was impossible, so I added pastel over the painting. It's the first mixed media thing I've done that I really like.

I am certainly on a roll...........
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Anonymous said...

Cheri...the hula dancers are fantastic. Beautiful. I am so often amazed by your talent. Love/Alice