Monday, January 11, 2010

Never Say Die

The idea that I wasn't able to wrap my mind around the method of reduction print making has been sitting very uneasily on my mind. I find it very difficult to accept being incapable of doing something I want to do. The other day I was looking through the Utrecht supply catalog and saw what I knew to be a reduction print someone had used as an ad for printmaking supplies. I studied it and studied it, then tackled my own. For two days I have worked my fingers to the bone, almost literally, on these two prints. I even made editions of four of them to gain experience with the process. Admittedly the results are shy of fabulous, but I think I have conquered the tecnique. I used very hard wood and non-absorbent paper, both of wich contributed to the difficulty of cutting and printing a clean image. Obviously, registration is a distinct problem..........

Nevertheless, I have saved myself once more from having to admit defeat.
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