Thursday, April 08, 2010

Still Life

I forgot to photograph this before I framed it, so there is a lot of glass reflection here. I didn't feel like putting the effort into taking it out, so here it is with hints of me and the washing machine. This is another one from Thom's photos, for the show. I painted it before, in oil, but it was sold at Lisa's gallery. I tried it this time in watercolor and I actually think I like this one better. When I did it yesterday I was unimpressed because of the opacity in some big areas, but I am more accepting today.

I must have been in a slightly contrary frame of mind yesterday in other areas, too. I began to complain to my art day companions about the direction of the gallery and it's stifling effect on creativity. (I have once again resigned from the gallery, by the way.) My implication that the work there was was done as a product to sell rather than an inspired piece of art was met with some objection. Of course this was totally justified, since I often seem to dismiss the wide range of creativity and reasons for doing art. Because of that, I seem to be criticizing other points of view while I stand on my soapbox. I guess since my views are often not shared or really understood by my company they come across as disdain for other points of view.

Patronizingly, I think I understand others but they don't understand me. Really, how arrogant I am.
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