Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Latest Configuration

Since I lost Lytton, one of the few things I can think of to do is rearrange furniture. This is the second of the most recent arrangments, inspired by the addition of the secretary Mike gave me when he moved. What drives me most , though, is the desire for change. I've never really unearthed the reason for this compulsion, but since moving into this house I have managed to contain it to the various rooms within it. From the time I left Parkview Avenue after the divorce in 1996 I have lived in 14 different places. I have actually lived in the house I have now twice......once when I first moved to Eastport in 1997. I came in November and left in April because of my mother's illness. Then in 1999 I came back for several months, then back to Bangor again in 2000. When did I return to Eastport? I can't remember. Those were difficult years best forgotten, but since then I've been in six different places. I began this blog in 2005, I think, and I was still two houses ahead of this one. If not for the chickens I probably would have moved again, but they have put down roots for me. Not many landlords accept chickens.

So, I move furniture and revel in each change. I look forward to going into the living room to watch TV in the evening when I know I will be in a different place. I love to go to bed when I am looking at a different wall or window. Reading the paper is a treat when the breakfast table is not where it was the day before. My pleasure is not diminished by the knowledge that sooner or later, when the strangeness wears off, I will move things again.
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