Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I have tried without success to use up the eggs I find in the chickens' nest. I made this quiche the other day, and then an angel cake (12 egg whites). Both were successful, but the fact is, I don't like quiche, or angel food cake. Nor do I like omelets, scrambled eggs, souffles or any other predominently eggy dishes. Every day there are from 6 to 12 beautiful eggs that I look at with dismay, pile in the refrigerator, and wonder what to do. Being the recluse that I am, I have no one to give them to but Thom and David. They do their best, but it barely makes a dent in the supply. I've thought of selling them, but I don't want people coming to the door to buy them.

It's too bad that I like chickens, but I don't like eggs.
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