Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Snow

The weather doesn't seem to know if it's winter or spring.  Last night we had a snowstorm that must have confused all the plants that have come up in the garden.  They seem to be surviving the see-saw.  Even though it is pleasant to have had no winter to speak of, and an early Spring, I can't help thinking about the fate of the earth.  Actually the earth will go on, I suppose, but humans are destroying the environment that supports them.  Like so many other species before us, we are using up what keeps us alive.  Also, like other species, we can't help it.  It's my belief, anyway, that we can't help it.  We are doing what animals do, and with our tool, our brains, we try to figure out how to save ourselves.  Or we pretend that nothing is really happening.  Once it rained on the earth for three million years.  Our time here is less than a second.

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