Saturday, July 07, 2012

My Harvest, Plus Patrick and Willy Yet Again

So, this is my crop so far.  My 2x2 foot vegetable garden is doing well except for the dill.  I stepped on the seedlings earlier when I was working on something else, which most likely is the cause of their demise.  The cucumber plants are growing pretty well, but I don't see how they will have time to produce cucumbers........we'll see.

A few minutes ago Patrick and Willie were lying at my feet so contentedly together that I had to take a picture.  Patrick is so jealous and aggressive toward poor Willy that moments like this are rare.  In fact, the reason for Patrick's presence was caused by my playing with Willy.  Patrick was upstairs sleeping on the bed and Willy was downstairs with me.  I took the opportunity to pick up one of the dog toys and start a game.  Willy loves to play, but he's not allowed by Patrick.  I tried to be quiet, but Willy started growling playfully.  Patrick heard him and started barking.  He flew downstairs to stop the game.  I prevented him from beating Willy up, but that was the end of it.  A few minutes later they were together on the floor, but I suspect that Patrick was making sure that nothing concerning toys was going to take place. He's gone now.

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