Friday, April 26, 2013

Birds of a Feather, etc.

 This purple finch(I think) is one of the first birds to take advantage of the bird feeder Beth gave me to discourage the pigeons.  It does keep the pigeons away, but it also kept the other birds away, too, for the most part. I altered the design a little by putting tiny wedges in the space that allows the birds to get the seeds.  The seeds fall down onto the tray in the wind, so I'm hoping once they get used to eating there it will dawn on them that there is a feast awaiting them above their heads.  So far I haven't seen any of them look up.

The chickens are also glad to see the weather change. They have gone outside all winter, but I'm sure it has been far from pleasant for them.  Today every one of them escaped when I was working on their pen.  They went out through a very small hole in the fence, on the other side from the gate, so I had a very hard time getting them back.  I was able to capture them one by one and put them back over the fence....all but one.  The ever-adventurous Penny refused to be caught.  She ran out to the street and headed up the hill.  Luckily she remembered the days when she was able to come and go at will.  She went around the corner, past the neighbor's, into our front yard where she used to lay her eggs under the bay window, down the side of the house, and back into the pen. 

I haven't written in awhile as I try to digest the outcome of my court case.  It never went to trial because Phil offered to settle.  This came as a surprise to me and I was not present for the discussion about it except by phone.  Only today did I receive a copy of the agreement we made, and I hardly recognized it for what I thought we had agreed upon.  It has already been signed by the judge and I don't know how to proceed from here.  This brings back all of the fear and uncertainty I felt before the settlement.......after I thought I was finally free of it all.
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