Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fun with Eric

The weather is so beautiful now that I wanted to let the dogs run on the beach.  I drove them to South Beach, where we had walked many times, and found it inaccessible.  The new owners of the property have blocked the path with boulders.  A lobster pound is being built there and apparently public access to the beach is now denied.  This is the price of the
economic growth of the businesses sprouting up, "improvements" that will bring prosperity.  Luckily there is enough of the old Eastport left to allow me to still love the place, but it will eventually become a tourist destination like those coastal towns to the southwest of us........the ones we came to Eastport to escape.  Well, my hope is that it will take long enough to allow me to miss the full transformation.

So, without access to the beach, we walked around the parking area amidst the cinder blocks, machinery, enormous walls of concrete, and gigantic truck bodies.  Willy escaped from my grasp and disappeared behind the skeleton of a
building. Patrick and I hurried after him and eventually I captured him. As we rounded the corner back to the parking lot a car drove up and a woman I recognized from my morning walks got out. She, too, was hoping for a walk on the beach with her dog, Eric. We made the best of things by letting the dogs have a good, noisy romp together. I had brought my camera expecting to take pictures of the water, so I could photograph the happy boys playing together. We humans frowned and lamented the loss of our beach, but a parking lot is as good as a beach as far as the dogs were concerned. Patrick joined the games, barking constantly, which is rare for him. Ordinarily he prefers to watch, slightly disgusted with the antics of the others.

This is the first time I have ever seen Willy tired, but when we left his tongue was hanging......but his open mouth was certainly smiling
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dvc88 said...

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Ronni Connelly said...

I really hope Eastport doesn't become a tourism hot spot. The island I grew up on in Florida was 'discovered' in the 80s and they completely destroyed it. When I found Eastport over ten years ago I dreamed that some day I'd be able to live there. Reminded me of 'home' back when it was a nice place to be. :( Would hate to lose Eastport before I even have a chance to live there.