Friday, June 14, 2013

Pretty Garden, Patrick, Visit from Carrie

 You'd never know it was Spring by the temperature, but the plants know what to do anyway.  My efforts with the garden are very rewarding, and every year it looks better than ever.

Patrick seems to have finally recovered from whatever was wrong with him, but he is still on two kinds of medication.  He had several more setbacks since I last wrote.  I am amazed that he survived after all he has been through, and no one knows the cause.  His illness has taken over my life. Even now I keep watching him for signs of a relapse.  I've not been able to concentrate on anything else.  Now, even though he is better, I have settled into a routine of sloth that I have not yet been able to give up. It's not unusual to find me lounging on the couch in the middle of the afternoon, surrounded by happy dogs, reading or (gasp!) watching a movie on TV.
 Carrie visited for four days, left this morning.  We spent our time talking, shopping, eating, watching movies, wandering the downtown, and walking with the dogs on the beach.  The pace was slow and very enjoyable.  It is very easy to have her in the house.....almost as if she has always been here.  After she leaves, I miss her for the time it takes for me to adjust  to the solitude again.  
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