Thursday, September 26, 2013


Here is our latest resident at the shelter.  A more lovable creature never walked the earth.  This is both fortunate and unfortunate.  Everyone fell completely in love with her, so we wanted to have her with us for a long time.  However, her charms did not go unnoticed by the general populace and she has already been adopted.  I have promised to gun down her new owner if she isn't loved and treated like a queen.

I am working two days a week regularly at the shelter now.  My limitations (shoulders) are respected by the rest of the volunteers and I am allowed to leave wheelbarrows full of manure for someone else to dump.  As usual, I lead a charmed life.
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Ronni Connelly said...

Oh how I wish you knew someone in Tennessee. We have them given away here daily and it kills me. I've got land and no fence to keep them confined or I'd take them in until a home could be found. Terrible how people see animals as something to use until they're no longer needed and thrown out like a stained couch.